Nordic Esport Summit

DreamHack, the premier gaming lifestyle festival, and Content Lab are proud to present the first-ever Nordic Esport Summit in Malmö, Sweden, on October 4, 2019. 

Nordic Esport Summit is the go-to event for professionals in the Nordic countries interested in the business side of esports. The 1-day event is held in connection to DreamHack’s top-tier arena event, CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Malmö, and will serve as a great opportunity of gaining a better understanding of the ever-growing esports market, finding investment opportunities and meet with some of the world’s most influential leaders within the esports industry.

The summit has room for over 200 delegates who will all be able to listen to interesting speakers and panel discussions whilst enjoying the best hospitality and also experiencing the opening of CORSAIR DreamHack Masters Malmö. 

The topics covered will include innovation, regulation, professional development and the future of esport as a mainstream media, to give a few examples. All speakers and topics are presented on the Nordic Esport Summit site alongside the full schedule of the event.

Ticket to the Nordic Esport Summit includes:

  •  A seat at Nordics biggest B2B event for Esport
  • Behind the scenes from one of the world biggest Esports tournament 
  • Networking possibilities with over 200 key position stakeholders
  • CORSAIR Dreamhack Masters Opening Ceremony in VIP BOX
  • Ticket to Dreamhack Masters

All this for the price of 2495 SEK, limited tickets available.

Hope to see you in Malmö!


Anand Srivatsa
CEO Tobii Tech

Jessica Ståhlbom
Head of Marketing Nordics & Baltics Mastercard

Per Andersson
Brand Director Arla Foods

Ed Smith
Account Executive Gaming Industry Amazon

Maria Hazard
CEO Obeya

Maria is a political scientist that has worked in the PR industry for over a decade and is well experienced with marketing and publicity in digital as well as traditional channels. In 2015 she founded Obeya, a PR agency that focus on inclusive and norm-breaking communication with clients ranging from municipalities and companies such as Solna Stad and Halebop to organizations such as Teskedsorden.

Mike Elissen
Senior Solutions Engineer Akamai

Annie Reid
Associate Narrative Director Massive Entertainment

Morgan Furby
Partner PWC

Sam Niskanen
CEO Lurkit

Mikaela Aspholm
Strategy Consultant & Analyst Mediavision

Niclas Holmberg
Managing Director Nasdaq

Niklas Grawé

Hampus Wikerstål
Senior Associate Morris Law

Madeleine Schönemann
Software Developer Tretton37

Gunnar Klöfver
Strategy Consultant & Analyst Mediavision

Carl Bjerkne
CEO Insert Coin

Jonas Gundersen
CCO North

Tomas Lyckedal
CSO Dreamhack

Daniel Pereaux
CEO Fragbite

Robin Stenman
CEO Tourn

Robin Åström
CEO Wehype

Ludwig Sandgren
CEO & Founder Godsent

Lillie Klefelt
Founder Female Legends

Max Horttanainen
We organize Swedish Esports

Johan Skott
Product Owner Esports & Gaming Tobii

GC Insider



Moderators Opening Remarks


Daniel Pereaux, CEO, Fragbite

Daniel Pereaux, CEO of Fragbite, comes from a long background in digital marketing and sales. He has during the last five years developed big expertise in the commercial side of esports with several successful campaigns under his belt. Fragbite has been a solid voice in the esports scene since 2002, the biggest esports community in the Nordics with over a decade of experience within production and distribution of creatively engaging content in all its forms. 

OPENING PANEL: Marketing in Esports

Mainstream brands are looking to break into the previously insular world of esports a with authentic experiential marketing. Some brands have been wary of the unpredictability of esports. The games come and go.  But it’s the job of Marketing departments to make sure that the company is represented in the right way in front of the right consumers of esports.


Madeleine Schönemann, Software Developer, Tretton37


Robin Stenman, CEO, Tourn

Maria Hazard, CEO, Obeya PR

Sam Niskanen, CEO, Lurkit

Robin Åström, CEO, Wehype

INSIGHTS: From Niche to Mainstream - Nordic Esports & Gaming


Mikaela Aspholm,Strategy Consultant & Analyst, Mediavision

Gunnar Klövfer, Strategy Consultant & Analyst, Mediavision

With media consumption becoming increasingly skewed toward online it is essential to understand what consumers watch and are willing to pay for. Mediavision has kept tabs on this development for 20+ years and as of late, the uprising of esports has made the genre a truly important cornerstone for tomorrow's media viewership. Gunnar and Mikaela will provide insights on the Nordic esports viewer; events ranking and what types of content the viewers pay for.

KEYNOTE : Tobii brings insights to Gaming


Anand Srivasta, CEO, Tobii Tech

We are going to give you a short introduction to Tobii with insights on how we give people a voice and how you as a marketer can get true insights on your work. And, how does this play out within gaming and esports? We aim to give a greater experience to: The audience, the gamers, broadcasters and pro gamers. Esport is a critical medium, bringing insights will help evolve this!

GC INSIDER PRESENTS : Networking break

KEYNOTE: The Dark Side of Account Takeovers


Mike Elissen, Senior Solution Engineer, Akamai

Account Takeovers are nothing new for the gaming industry, where virtually any gamer can share an anecdote about an account that has been taken over due to fraudulent attacks. In this session, Mike Elissen, Gaming Specialist at Akamai, will share insights into the ecosystem of Account Takeovers, which challenges they bring gamers and gaming companies as well as how you can weapon yourself against this threat.Akamai is the edge. Our globally distributed intelligent edge platform surrounds everything, from the enterprise to the cloud, so our customers and their businesses can be fast, smart, and secure. We keep decisions, apps and experiences closer to users than anyone - and attacks and threats far away. Akamai works with 200+ gaming companies to help deliver their content and keep their assets, users and data secure.



Niclas Holmberg, Managing Director, Nasdaq


Morgan Furby, Partner, Pwc

Hampus Wikerstål, Senior Associate,Morris Law

Jessica Ståhlbom, Head of Marketing Nordics & Baltics, Mastercard

TALK: Organization is everything


Max Horttanainen, Chairman, Swedish Esport Federation

Max Horttanainen is the chairman of the Swedish esports federation. The federation is today a big part of the movement that is trying to get esports in Sweden recognized as a sport. He will give you his view of the esport scene today and the future of the grassroots movement that is rapidly growing in Sweden.


KEYNOTE: Ethical Worldbuilding


Annie Reid, Narrative Director, Massive Entertainment

Annie Reid is the Narrative Director for the Avatar project at Ubisoft Massive. She’s worked in the video game and film industries for close to two decades.


In between 2012 and 2016 Sweden was the best esport nation in the world, seeing all-Swedish teams taking winning four Major titles in CS:GO as well as winning the international in 2013. Today the landscape has changed and instead Denmark most recently has won four Major championships and taken home The International two times. How did Denmark usurp the throne from Sweden?


Johan Skott, Product Owner Esports, Tobii

In Hotseats: 

Jakob Lund Kristensen, CCO, Astralis

Ludwig Sandgren,CEO & Founder, Godsent

Jonas Gundersen, CCO, North

TALK: Equality in e-sports


Lillie Klefelt, Co-founder, Female Legends

Why is it harder for women than men to participate in esports? Why is there a need for separatist projects? How can we make e-sports more inclusive? Lillie Klefelt speaks about Female Legends, an e-sports community for women and non-binary.

CASE STUDY: The future of product is gamification


Niklas Grawé, CEO,
Carl Bjerkne
, CEO, Insert Coin

Niklas Grawé is the CEO of With the vision to innovate e-sports streaming, Niklas and his team are breaking new growth records every month. The user journey is based around gamification and together with gamification experts Insert Coin and CEO Carl Bjerkne we will present why the future of product is gamification. Get to hear the secret sauce of gamification, insights from actual metrics and how they can be boosted with different mechanisms and general learnings. 

KEY NOTE : Esports and the Cloud


Ed Smith, Account Executive Gaming Industry, Amazon web services

Esports is a vastly growing industry with tens of millions of new viewers every year and millions of dollars in revenue. Come learn how we support some of our largest customers within this space and see how you can leverage these tools to achieve your business goals. Edward Smith is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Game Tech team working some of the largest game developers, publishers, and partners within the Nordics and Baltic Republics, such as Supercell and Rovio. Ed is an avid gamer himself and spends much of his free time playing games, much to his wife’s chagrin. As such, he is passionate in assisting the games market in meeting their business goals whether they be more users, better end user experience, or increased revenue.

CASE STUDY: Arla Foods


Per Andersson, Brand Director, Arla Foods

Imagine a successful brand that is loved by everyone. Now imagine that love fading away. How do you repair that relationship? Per Andersson speaks about how Arla used esport to rebuild trust, relevance and love for the Yalla brand by enabling a professional setting to amateur gamers while bringing healthy products to the party. 

Dreamhack Closing Remarks

Dreamhack Masters opening ceremony

Malmö Arena Sky Box

Malmömässan - in the heart of Greater Copenhagen!

Malmömässan is a modern events centre that can host all kinds of events, such as trade fairs, exhibitions, meetings, congresses and corporate events– the only limit is your imagination. 

It is ideally located for major events with participants from near and far. The railway station is 3 minutes away from the centre and from there you can reach Copenhagen Airport in 12 minutes, central Malmö in 3 minutes and Copenhagen Central Station in 24 minutes. Accommodation is always close by, with 700 hotel rooms within walking distance and a further 4,000 rooms within 15 minutes. Together with nearby Malmö Arena, events can be held for up to 5,000 people.

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